Help configuring Fail2ban for ubuntu server (nc15)

i recently set up a new server running the latest ubuntu distro and i got everything else setup properly except fail2ban as there is not a proper guide out for it and ncp does that automatically trough the webui or tui

i need help configuring the proper setup files (configurations for nextcloud)
as i installed it from a guide that let me download it ready but the guide had nginx configurations for it and i am not a 100% sure the ubuntu version came with nginx
the nextcloud install was the default one you get to pick from the 18.04 ubuntu server i took the latest stable release, and as such i came across this problem

i would like for anyone who could help me do it in the default installations way as i dont want to mess anything up as i just got the server fully configured

thank you already in advance

with regards, m3troidman

any help ? even the default configuration would be fine enough, i just cant find it

Have you looked at this one?

Or this: