Help Configuring Backup Restoring Point Set Up w/External S3 Storage

I’m trying to use iDrive’s AWS style storage for my back ups, but I don’t understand how to configure things correctly.

As an administrator, I have been able to successfully mount the external storage using the following settings

When I go to set up the back up, I get confused because the external locations are listed as amazon::external::xxxxx... e.g.,

Is this what I should expect to see? I’m confused because I see no clear association between the locations listed there and the items listed under the external storage configuration page.

I’m also confused as to what I need to set the ‘restoring point location’ option to. Is this the name of the external folder itself in the admin’s filesystem (e.g. a folder in nextcloud-backup/nextcloud or the folder itself? nextcloud-backup? Or something else?

With the current settings, the error in my log files after trying to run a full back up is:

[backup] Error: File nextcloud is not a folder on External Filesystem

To summarize:

  1. Why are my external storage options in backup different from my external storage settings used to mount the storage?
  2. What’s the proper syntax for 'backup restoring point" location? Is it a folder in the external storage itself (as I would expect)?