[Help] CardDAV/CalDAV URL access by email address

Hello everybody,

Is it possible to access CardDAV and CalDAV interface without username in URL?
Special URL for logged user like:
or URL by email address like:
would work for me.



No, that’s not possible, otherwise it would have been documented :wink:

Well, not everything is documented, it was worth a try.
This issue is preventing me from integration of Nextcloud with email backend in z-push, so I kind of hoped.

If you’re really willing to do it, you can maybe do it with some very spceific nginx reverse proxy with external script to replace your email variable with the username. No idea how hard it could be though, but if you really wanted to take a look somewhere, you can try.

I thought about it and I didn’t like the idea.
Apparently, correct way how to achieve this is to use WebDAV Current Principal and CALDAV:calendar-home-set on client, so I am working on patches for z-push.

Okay! :slight_smile:
I guess we can close then as it’s not really related to the contacts app help? :thinking:

Sure, I agree.

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