[Help] CardDAV App on Samsung S5 mini do not sync, even when it says it does

I opened my contacts list in nextcloud via browser to check how many contacts nextcloud knows about.
265 contacts for my nextcloud-user.

When i open the android contacts app and limit contents to show nextcloud directory only (settings / contacts / show contacts / myname@nextcloud.fritz.box) then i can count 80 plus my own number.

When i click on sync nothing changes:
a) via: settings / contacts / accounts / CardDAV / all sync
b) via: settings / contacts / accounts / CardDAV / myaccount / sync now
c) via: settings / contacts / accounts / CardDAV / myaccount + disable + enable
d) via: CardDAV-sync free app / myaccount / sync now
e) via: CardDAV-sync free app / myaccount / contacts + disable + enable

I really really wonder, that there is no error message.
For sad i did not realized when it stops working - if it was with a android update, app update or a nextcloud server update…

My versions:
Nextcloud: 11.0.3
Android: 6.0.1 / 23
CardDAV-sync free: 0.4.21

What are the steps to investigate like a pro?

I can add a contact to my mobile and it will be synced to the nextcloud server. And i can change it on the server and it will be synced back to my mobile.

But why are 180 contacts not synced from server to the mobile?

(If i change a missing contact on the server it will be synced to the mobile - but is there another way to get it to my mobile, without figuring out which to edit to force a sync to my mobile?)

which means… apparently NC and sync itself somehow works. your app connects NC and is able to exchange data with your NC instance.

since i dunno said app i really can’t tell… but it could happen that it’s one of the limitations that comes with

… the free version. and even if not it seems more like a problem on the app-side.

best you check the logs in NC after you failed to sync all.

awww… and if you’ll check out the app on google play store it says “Samsung S5 users: Please note that some S5 devices come with a broken contacts app that crashes when opening a contact synced by this app. Please report any crashes to Samsung.” - a good chance that it could be the same with s5 mini.

Is this still happening? If so I suggest you try DavDroid :slight_smile: