Helm chart - which values to change

I have a sinlge node k3s cluster running for testing purpose and try to install nextlcoud via helm chart. I want to have nextlcoud save the volumes as localPath storage and use the mariadb database included in the chart.
So I came up with changing the following values:

  • nextcloud.host
  • nextcloud.username
  • nextcloud.password
  • mariadb.enabled
  • mariadb.rootUser.password
  • persistence.storageClass

Do I have missed some values I absolutely need to change for nextlcoud to work for me? And If you have some personal preferneces for values to change It would also be nice to know from them.
Thank you in advance for your help

Hey, got any solution to share? I am currently working on a similar setup. Thanks

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In the meantime, I’ve linked my NextCloud instance to a Longhorn volume. It works, even though I feel like it’s a little bit slow. However, it is a solution that got recommended to me and I just felt like trying it out.

It really depends on what your needs and preferences are. Most of the parameters have reasonable defaults for basic non-production testing and are all documented here along with their default values.