Hello, does anyone know how to set up a nextcloud for a Hetzner dedicated server?

I am not very experienced with Unix systems, but I need to set up nextcloud on a hetzner dedicated server, does anyone know any tutorials that cover the setup/maintaimance of nextcloud?

hello @xodsuefk welcome to the community. It’s always good idea start with official docs: Installation and server configuration — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

If you have little to no idea, it may make more sense to get a ready-made Nextcloud from a provider. Hetzner also offers these for little money. It is certainly better configured than what you can configure.

Storage Share (Managed Nextcloud) from Hetzner

In the end, it almost doesn’t matter whether you just get the dedicated server or the Managed Nextcloud from Hetzner. In the end, you will have to trust Hetzner to handle your data well. But it’s no different with Microsoft, Google or Apple.

The only difference is that with Nextcloud you are freer and not subject to a vendor lock and can therefore move to another Nextcloud hoster at any time.

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