HEIC HEVC on web browser

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i was just wondering if there will be an option for the web version to support HEIC and HEVC previews like its currently for JPG and MP4/MPEG?

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Wouldn’t this require that this is supported by your browser? Or do you want Nextcloud to convert it to a browser-compatible format?

It looks like currently there is very little support of this format (mainly on Apples OSes) and some application start to implement solutions (Adobe and others). Patents and licensing seems to be the main obstruction at the moment.

Not sure if this would be on Nextcloud server as well as for the browser.

i logged in to my server using Safar browser on a mac and it didn’t preview the file the same way it does for JPG.

so, continuing on this thread, this is what it actually looks on the web browser while checking the uploaded HEIC photos image

While the JPG look like this image

With this being said, where is the preview being generated on the browser or on the server or both?

i can view the images on the ios app normally.

Thanks in advance for any help understanding this.

There is currently no support for this format, so no preview is available.

Please file an issue on GitHub and see what the developers says.

It would be great to have heic / heif support for nextcloud, there is also an item open on bountysource

And on github there is a feature request already.

Maybe it could be implemented into the Camera RAW previews app?

Hi, as my PRs seem to stall let me try to get some traction on them here. I’ve solved the preview generation for HEIC files in Nextcloud core: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/10526

In order to get it also working for the gallery, I’ve also got a change in the pipeline. However I wonder who from the core devs would be willing to review the PR and how can we get it merged?

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doing a follow up on this topic.

bringing this topic back to life and asking if the gallery will be supporting preview on the web browser for HEIC photos and MOV videos?

it currently works on the ios app.

im on NC16.

I’ve been able to get HEIC image previews to work on NC by install ImageMagick with HEIC support. It appears that s lot of distributions don’t ship a IM with HEIC support, but there are are some guides for Ubuntu and from source on Fedora.

I’m using Nextcloud 18.0.2 on Fedora 31, so I just installed these packages from Remi’s RPM repository:
libheif-1.6.2-1.fc31.x86_64 (from RPM fusion)

It would be awesome to also be able to see these images using the viewer, but alas, that depends on browser support (and doesn’t appear to be coming any time soon).


I can confirm that this works. I used following guide: https://eplt.medium.com/5-minutes-to-install-imagemagick-with-heic-support-on-ubuntu-18-04-digitalocean-fe2d09dcef1

does above method works with raspberry pi 4 4gb with ubuntu 20.10 on it

I don’t see any reason why it would not work - the main point is that imagick must support heic.

Together with preview generator it works well, the only thing not working is if I click on an image it doesn’t open in the Web browser as big preview, instead it asks me to download or open with windows photos app

i tried but it fails
it gives me error on
make install

Without error message I cannot help you.

Although I said it SHOULD work, I haven’t tested it.
Do some researching for the specific error message yourself, google it, there are normally plenty of tips out there how to fix building errors

Everything done
Mogrify —version
Shows heic in it.
But still cant see previe or heic photos from browser or Nextcloud app.

at last i tried this and i got heic preview.


I know this is old, but I’m on 22.2.3 and heic previews have never worked for me. I use the standard “nextcloud” docker image. This means I can’t (or at least prefer not to) install other imagemagick packages. Is the Docker image still not up to date or am I missing something? Where should I file a request?

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