Header note stuck in loading and readme.md or txt file not shown its content


I have moved the nextcloud data from /www/nextcloud/data to www/data-nextcloud
everything normally is working properly except the header note and readme.md or txt file, the nextcloud doesn’t show their content and ‘‘header note’’ stucks in loading.
alos I’m not able to edit the txt file.

could please advice?
thank you

there is anyone can help?

thank you in advance!

Hi community,

Could you please help?

My guess https://github.com/nextcloud/text/issues/820

Thank Kesselb for your replay,
I check the discussion, as my understanding it’s due to

error_page 403 /core/templates/403.php;
error_page 404 /core/templates/404.php;

but I don’t have these lines in my nginx, in my case I have change the data directory outside nextcloud folder. it seems caused by another things.
could pleae advice?

Drear Community,
Can some awesome expert help me to solve this issue?
in my case: the root directory in nginx is root …/www/nextcloud/
I moved the data from to /www/nextcloud/data to /www/newData/

when it is moved I got this issue of note header and I can not see the txt file content.

Thank again for any advice and suggestion.