Having troubles accessing nextcloud files through vpn

Nextcloud version 15.0.8 snap
Operating system and version: Fully updated Manjaro.

I’m looking for help to solve the issue i faced:
I have Nextcloud installed in my home’s network. All works absolutely fine, but i’m having troubles accessing it from outside my LAN. Because of gray ip address i can only access my home network using VPS server that routes all incoming traffic through vpn. I have forwarded port 80 as well as 22 into a tunnel and it makes its way there. In fact i can log in on ssh from the outside, also i can access nextcloud in browser, it loads up, i can see chats and listen to the music on my nextcloud using Music app. I only cannot access files. When i enter Files tab it seem to be infinitely updated. Still everything works fine when on LAN. I suppose my problem is somewhere outside nextcloud itself, but i just don’t know what to look at. Is there any other ports i have to forward or something of that kind? I tried enabling ssl but it makes no change.

Sorry, i dont understand this.

Your redirected ports should be 22/80/443 if using https

You say:

This is mostly:

  • an apache conf error.
  • an ownership/rights problem

If it work on lan, this is an apache error, check logs

Gray IP means that my home lan sits behind the ISP’s NAT and i can’t access it directly. Thank youI I will check apache log for possible clues.

I’m facing the same problem have you mange to fix it ? If yes please let me what was the problem.