Having trouble upgrading from 20.0.8 to 21

Goodmorning everyone,
sorry but maybe i missed something?
On my server (apache2, php 704, mariadb) I tried three weeks ago to install NC21 with a clean install, but access was very slow and also the synchronization of all mobile apps. Basically it was almost unusable. Overwhelmed, I put back version 20.0.8. After a few days, from a stable channel, he proposed 20.0.9 to me and after a few more days, 20.0.10, and he still doesn’t offer me 21: am I wrong?

Good morning,
but nobody really knows or can answer me, please? :bowing_man:

I think you should post your question on 🚧 Installation - Nextcloud community, and give more details.

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Thanks for the reply!
Okay, I try to write in that section.