Have to login for 2-3 times until it works



Hi devs,

I get reports from one of my friends that they have to login with username and password for 3 times until it really loads the home screen.
It always cleared from cookies and auto-login but I am still a bit confused why this is.
Does anybody has an explanation?
I can provide more details if needed.

Thank you.


It seems nobody has had this issue?


It really seems nobody had this issue. Is this correct?


Hi Devs,

this is still an issue.

Did nobody encounter that? I do have an access log in apache but after it logging just stops

Thank you.


I’d try a different browser and perhaps the privacy mode as well. One likely feature causing this issues can be browser plugins like antivirus, add-blocker, …
If not, check the webmaster tools and the browser error console.