Have one resource to get notified about all releases of Nextcloud universe


some days ago I started a conversation at Twitter and like to discuss here now.

Have one source of information about all releases of nextcloud incl. core releases, app releases, mobile releases, desktop releases.

Personally I follow jenkins on Twitter and read https://twitter.com/jenkins_release and I am up to date about releases.
So I want this for nextcloud as well :slight_smile:

Nextclouds appstore offers RSS feed. Kudos to @BernhardPosselt
That is for apps.

What about other releases?
Can we use dummies at app store to cover such products as well?

What do you think? @MorrisJobke Who else to notify?

Start to collect resources.
Releases for server: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/
Release for apps: https://apps.nextcloud.com/ (provides RSS feed)

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At least here you can find the releases once they are done: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/

@MorrisJobke I’m missing the changelog for Nextcloud 12! :fearful:

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Looking at @LukasReschke and @jospoortvliet

Coming soon, @NinaNC is on it :smiley:

You made me curious. Any more details?

sorry, that’s just the changelog :wink: PR is coming soon.