Has the Radio App been hacked?

When I started the app this morning, the station links looked like this:

Is it a general problem or has only my cloud been attacked?

The SSH-Port on my Firewall is/was closed, http is redirected to https with let’s encrypt Certificate.
I couldn’t find anything in the Activity’s App.

Not directly the app itself, it’s the project providing the station list, I submitted a bug report:


as far as i know radio-app deals with external links and sites (“This experimental app uses the radio-browser.info api”) so it could be that some of those got compromised… (for me it reads like a personal flaming that has gone too far and too personal for which reason ever).

what that means in terms of YOUR instance, i can’t tell. at first guess it means that your instance hasn’t neccessarily been compromised as well. but what would happen if you’d click on links? at least: be careful.

i’m pretty sure there are other peeps here able to answer more precisely.


Clicking on that Links just opened the correct Station.
I refreshed the site and it seems everything is fine now.

Thanks for your answers.