Has anyone tried nextcloud installed on an openwrt?

I am thinking to install nextcloud on openwrt, basically as you might have guessed by now it is going to be my router as well behind the primary router.

Let me know your experience and if you have any best guide or something to keep in mind.

thanks in advance.

for this approach id say its much better building a mobile homelab with a nuc like this: Amazon.com

its not important to have celluar wan or not. It runs proxmox and openwrt and nc would be two seperated lxc containers. I’d say this would be a more practical approach.

Or you might wonna consider proxmox with hardware passthrough to an openwrt container running nc next to it on your current hardware.

Otherwise maybe consider a zimaboard.

See openwrt docs for why this is not a functional option for your openwrt device. TLDR is Nextcloud too heavy to run on a router with 4mb ram or similar. :heart:

I am using Raspberry Pi4B 4GB ram would that still be too heavy for openwrt to run nextcloud?

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The Pi can support Nextcloud, but basically no one is attempting to use Openwrt as the base system besides yourself on this forum. You are welcome to try, but probably better off asking https://forum.openwrt.org/ and linking back here so we can all learn more about this process. :champagne:

I was just asking for your opinion. But thank you

That hardware is fine, but you will be limited by a few factors…

  • MicroSD can only transfer around 10mb/sec so you’ll want to use an SSD or NVME over USB 3.0 as your boot device to raise transfers to around 300mb/s+.
    • You may need to update your firmware since support was added about two years ago.
  • Your actual network speeds will be a limiting factor.

Personally I would run my router on a dedicated device to avoid downtime, and run Nextcloud on a different device over Debian or Ubuntu stable. Hope this helps.

@vitachaos Since your goal is for an all-in-one I’d buy a more specialized openwrt router device from https://www.gl-inet.com/ and simply add a USB disk to it (instead of using Nextcloud). I have a $5 off code for them if you want it.

if I have to spend money, I’d rather prefer to go for Turris Omnia over gl-inet
but I had a spare raspberry pi4 lying unused so I thought of giving it a go.