Has anyone gotten try.nextcloud.com to work?

Has anyone gotten “Instant Trial” on try.nextcloud.com to work? I wanted to point someone who was curious about it to that site to get a quick idea what it looks like, and what they can do with NC, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the demo credentials are. All I get is a random string generated and displayed in the username field, with no indication of what the password is.

Sorry if this is not the proper topic for it, but I think everyone would benefit from this working while promoting Nextcloud.

Ah, the password is “demo”. I guess that was obvious. My bad. :roll_eyes:

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don´t think this is obvious. i created a ticket: https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloud.com/issues/1392


You are automatically logged in, didn’t you?
(At least for the 60 minutes session)

no autologin happening (in any of my devices)
then this behavior is the “bug”.

Tried three browses (edge, ff and chrome). All three on two machines.
All are working like expected -> forwarded to demo1 and autologgin after a few seconds.

Used the “Instant trial”.

Maybe the “bug” is on your side? Maybe blockers or other add-ons?

Tried with two browsers. Using “Instant trial” directs to https://demo1.nextcloud.com or to https://demo2.nextcloud.com. demo1 works with the password “demo”, demo2 did not work with the password “demo”.

demo2 works for me with password “demo”.

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