Hardware requirements for reliable Talk setup (usual 10-20, max 50 people Videoconferencing)?

We are running a Nextcloud 25.02 on a VPS with 8 vCPU cores, 30 GB RAM and plenty of disk (800 GB). On this server, there are the following things:
a) our main Nextlcoud
b) an additional, separate Nextcloud (with also very little traffic, a work group for 3 people).
c) two smaller websites also running on that server (with very little traffic),

We have recently added and configured a turn server (but on same IP)

Nevertheless, the videoconferencing via Talk is at best possible with 2-3 people, and even then it is slow and unreliable.

Would it help to put the Turn Server on a separate IP (and/or separate VPS) ?

We are running a small community with about 10-20 people typicall online in talk chats (text) and files, and usually 5-10 people for concurrent video meeetings.

There might aso be larger occasional video meeting with up to 50-60 people which we might want to be able to host.

What kind of HW requirements do you guys recommend?
Would a separate, dedicated Turn Server already help, or are there more things needed make it work smoothly ?

What hardware configuratino would you recommend for our
a) Nextcloud Server
b) Turn Server

Yes it would help to have a dedicated turn box. However try first with the HPB app, which will add the needed. Then use the occ command for configuring and starting the high performance backend. At best, it works like a charm. At worst, just remove the app and install a seperate turn server.

In fact there is a docker container for a complete Nextcloud high performance backend to get you started quickly.

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Thank you for your hints - where is that docker container ?

Does anyone have some sort of a rule of thumb regarding required CPU / RAM / or other specs
per number of concurrent TALK videoconferencing participants?

The real issue is probably not the specs. I believe it says somewhere in the docs that it’s only recommended to have 3-4 participants without the high performance Talk backend. You need the HPB to do what you’re asking for, so start with that and then see if you still have issues.

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