Handwriting Support Android App


it will be nice to get handwriting support for the android app. Is there a way to get it realized or is there a android app which work with nextcloud and support handwriting?


Well, I will not add dependencies to non-free software for legal, ethical and ideological reasons and unfortunately I am not aware of any pen SDK being open source.

For the same reasons, the Notes Android app does not require any proprietary Play Services by Google (and runs still smoothly on Huawei devices these days even if they aren’t allowed to ship Google software since some time).

Therefore: No, i can’t see a way to achieve support for this.

You should contact the manufacturer of your pen and ask them to release their SDK under a free license (the more people this request, the more likely they might do it). It’s a shame that you bought something and don’t have the right to do with it whatever you want.

Of course, if someone knows a way to implement support for a pen without adding proprietary dependencies, a Pull Request will be welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I suppose it depends on what your goals with this software are.

Use of Annotator (Nextcloud-Other / Nextcloud Annotate · GitLab) will allow you to hand-write over an existing PDF file on a touchscreen mobile device using a “stylus”. This would run in the web browser. A similar approach can be used to make a pure-handwriting plugin.

But if the goal is to convert hand writing to text (i.e., OCR), then things get a lot more complicated.

@larry_mazaroth Given the category of this post is “Notes”, i assumed the author referred to the Notes app and the corresponding Android Notes app.

For the Web UI this feature is also requested (and has similar troubles due to a missing standard).

OK, this is understood.

But, my initial goal was not to get a direct support for a pen - but it will be nice :wink:

It was more something like handwriting with fingers - like sketching or drawing. I saw this on a node app for kolab which support this kind of handwriting. So for me will be fine, if this feature is first in the Android App and second on the Web App. If i use the web App, i got usualy Qownnotes and a keyboard :wink:
From my point OCR will be fine, but not necessary.


Got it, makes sense :slightly_smiling_face: We can think about adding support for this once the Notes app supports attachments.

Touchscreens can’t tell the difference between a finger and a stylus, so the aforementioned plugin would work for fingers too, you’ll just have much lower precision as a result of the much larger contact pad.