Handling large files

Here’s my situation:

My work system is a laptop with a 128 GB drive. I need to deal with numerous files, often several gigabytes in size. The total amount of data that I will have in permanent storage at any time will exceed 128 GB.

One minute I may be working with a large file, the next minute with a different one, and then with yet another one. Those three files together take up more storage than the drive in my laptop can accommodate.

Obviously, local copies of those files can’t be kept in my laptop at the same time. How is NextCloud able to deal with this situation?

Sorry, but due to the fact that you haven’t told us which kind of files your talking about, an answer cannot be given.

If the software needs to know what kind of files it is dealing with that makes me think that this is not what I am looking for. Thanks for clarifying this for me.