Handling calendar invitations using email

Hello folks,

I’m new to next cloud and I started exploring the calendar application.

From what I got, I can invite participants to an event and they are invited by mail.
But: When I respond using the MUA, the response is sent to the authors private mailbox. Nextcloud doesn’t get the status.

That’s bad, since I need nextcloud to reflect the participant status of an event, if if no MUA updating the event using CardDAV is present.

Do you have any idea, how to resolve this? Is there such a feature? Is it planned? Can I subscribe nextcloud to some imap-mailbox?

If the feature isn’t present yet: Is https://github.com/owncloud/calendar/ still up to date for nextcloud? What happend to the calendar after the split?


Hi yanosz,

@georgehrke for your request. You may want to open a feature on our GitHub repository …

The calendar was forked too, and you can find the new repository here:




thanks for the info. fup2: https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues/186

Greetz, yanosz

This belongs to the server repo, so I closed the issue. Please reopen one in the correct repo. :wink:

Ok, next try: fup2: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/2149

Btw. links to the full URL are rejected by discourse. Huh?

Btw. someone marked the ref as “spam” - is referencing issues considered as spamming? confused

As a new user, you posted a number of links in a short time. That triggered the system’s anti-spam detection.