Hack NCP to update dns using Namecheap

NextcloudPi is currently only set up to use DuckDNS or FreeDNS for dynamic DNS updating. I registered my domain name with Namecheap because they offer dynamic DNS service. But currently, while ddclient can update Namecheap whenever my service provider changes my public IP, the config.php file doesn’t get updated with the new IP address; I have to go in and do that manually.

Is there any way to hack NCP to point to Namecheap the way it does for DuckDNS or FreeDNS? Or some alternate way for the config.php file to get updated automatically?

Sorry, i do not use NextcloudPi.
But i think you can deactivate e.g. DuckDNS or FreeDNS in NextcloudPi and setup “ddclient” with “cron”. I think the DuckDNS- and FreedDNS-components of NextcloudPi also only access the standard linux system configurations for dhcp/dns.

Deactivate DuckDNS and FreeDNS in NextcloudPi
Search the internet
ddclient cron
Then you must not use it manually anymore.