HA for community version?

I would like to setup nextcloud to ensure if one node is down I will be able to launch it somewhere else right after. In such a way:

MAIN NODE <β€”> Fail Over Node

Can it be done using nextcloud community?

I think this discussion will definitely help Cluster of nextcloud 19 sessions with redis + Proxy load balancer round robin and this Help me test this 3 node cluster

Thanks for the link. It seems it is only for local dc failover. What I would like possibly is to failover on another dc and restart from it if there is any issue. Something feasible with the synology tool. Maybe i need to handle it by replicating the fs instead?

You can create everything as you wish. Nextcloud is only application, you have to sync your DB (e.g. periodically dump to other machine or smart solution) and your FS (e.g. remote rsync).

Basically in your scenario Main Node --> Fail over node in ideal world needs 1 entry gate - e.g. H.A. Proxy, at least 2 machines with DB and 2 machines with sync FS.
You can added distributed cache and locking with redis… And much more :slight_smile:

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