Guide on howto setup the SMS app on Android


I’ve just installed the OCSMS app. I’ve created the account in the phone and pressed sync. However, when I log onto Nextcloud, there is no folder with the SMSs. Is it that there is some SMS app needs to be installed on the server? I’m using a paid for service so I would have to ask the maintainer to install it (not sure he would do it for one person … may push me to install my own little server). Is there a guide somewhere on how to get this working both on the phone and on the server?


You need to install

But it is only one way sync.

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I don’t get it. Installed the nextcloud sms app from f-droid and activated the corresponding app on the server. But unable to add any account on android. Using signal as sms app though. When choosing signal in the accounts selection, the app freezes. And when choosing whatsapp it says whatsapp is already added. But in accounts there is nothing setup.

pls file an issue under