Guidance On New Installation: Positioning For High Availability


Looking at the Nextcloud documentation on recommendations for certain types of deployments as well as High Availability here:

My current Server is somewhat similar to what is recommended for: Small Workgroups or Departments.

It’s not ready for true High Availability by any means, however it’s definitely taken care of as far as Backups and Disaster Recovery. Here is my current setup on my Server. Please Note: I have not installed Nextcloud just yet:


  • CentOS (Operating System)

  • WHM/cPanel (Panel Software)

  • Apache Web Server

  • MySQL

  • SSD Storage
    ** No LDAP whatsoever, just authenticating against MySQL

  • Server is a Cloud VPS running on a true Cloud Platform, not on a Dedicated Server. So RAM, # of CPUs, Size of SSD
    Storage and etc., are 100% fully scalable.

  • As for SSD Storage, Server is running on a RAID 50 SSD array

  • Daily SnapShots are stored on a separate HA NAS Cluster

  • Daily Incremental Backups are done internally on a private LAN, to a R1Soft Enterprise Backup Server physically contained on a separate Hypervisor. Backups are saved incrementally on a second and totally separate NAS Cluster. It’s a different NAS Cluster than the ones the SnapShots are saved on.

Since the Server is running WHM/cPanel for other services, I’m not sure how I should go about trying to make this Highly Available.

As I said, I’m good with Backups and Disaster Recovery…but I want a minimal HA configuration so that I’m well positioned to grow this install as needed.

  • Should I just have one HA Load Balancer and clone the current Server, minus the Storage Piece?

  • Should I just setup a completely separate Server running MySQL for Master-Master replication?

I’m not exactly sure how I should approach this.

Any recommendations are highly welcome.

Thank you!!


Hey Everyone,

Just curious if anyone has some insight here for me. Any takers?


Do you just want to increase the number of webservers to increase the overall bandwidth? Or are you really looking for high-availability?
Therefore I do not really understand why you are using WHM/cPanel? If you really looking in a larger Nextcloud deployment with high availability, I would separate these things to a different virtual machine.