Guidance on multi server configuration

Hello NextCloud Community!

I’m attempting to setup two instances of the NextCloud web server with a shared SQL and file storage backend. One instance would be within my home LAN (along with with the SQL server and file storage) with another out on the internet at a shared hosting provider. That way traffic outside the house is funneled through the hosting provider (which i can limit by the server IP) while keeping all of my files safe on my own hardware and providing increased local sync speed.

This is probably way overkill since only myself and a handful of family members would be using it but I’m paranoid about hosting everything on a single machine at my home and increasing the exposure of my local systems and LAN.

I know that it can be done (I found these two links already Syncronize Instances & but couldn’t find a guide on specifically how this is done.

EDIT: I must be having one of those days. I figured out how this works after doing a second test install. Please disregard!