Guidance On Building My New NextCloud Server For Hosting Services


Congratulations once again on NextCloud!!

For the last 6 months unfortunately, I’ve been ‘knee-deep’ with work travel and projects that I have not been following the ownCloud community as much as I should have.

This weekend, I was planning on building a brand-new ownCloud Server so that I could offer ‘account slices’ as a hosted service…similar to DropBox and the like.

So, I went to the ownCloud site just so that I could catch up and read about the latest/greatest changes prior to building the Server…and then BAM!!! I find out about NextCloud LOL!!

Well, this is awesome!! So I made the ‘switch’!! Well at least mentally, since I still need to build the Server.

That said, I know that a ‘drop-in’ replacement will be released very soon. So I don’t mind holding off on building the Server until the drop-in release is finally here.

Having said all of this, does the team have any recommendations for me on how I can start preparing now, for NextCloud?

Here is some info on my server specs and so forth:

  • Currently I have the raw server up and running and has CentOS 7.2 64-bit installed. It’s 100% SSD-based and I have all data being incrementally backed up to a Synology NAS Cluster.

  • One huge feature for me that I have been using in the past, is the ability to FTP/FTPS/SFTP DIRECTLY into the ownCloud Data Store. Then I would schedule the following cron tasks to update the file table on the WebUI:

occ files:scan --all

occ files:cleanup

The reason for this is HUGE.

I have users that need the ability to upload VMs that can be anywhere from 25GB, 50GB, 75GB+ and need the ability to upload these with out the restrictions and time-outs from Apache and PHP.

So they can UPLOAD these large files directly…then once they show up on the WebUI, they can share them out as normal.

Would it be possible to still do this with NextCloud?

I know that this was officially NOT SUPPORTED with ownCloud, but it’s a very important feature that many of us old users still use heavily.

Also, will you be releasing a NextCloud install script so that users can use installers like Softaculous or Installatron for easy and simple NextCloud deployment?

Also, since there are various ways to approach the subject of multi-tenancy on ownCloud and now NextCloud…what do you guys recommend for me in this area?

I was planning on implementing a simple group isolation approach for now, as it will be a shared service.

Anyway, please let me know your thoughts.

If the software is already available for download and deployment, but hasn’t been officially released…please let me know.

Thank you!!


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Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers to your questions at this time, but I do want to voice my support for this, as things like Softaculous / Instalatron increase softwares adoption massively, especially with people who are not necessarily familiar with Linux et al.



Sounds good!! Let’s see what the team responds with. Man, I wish I could get started asap!!!


Installatron does a poor job at upgrading ownCloud, but their system is really good in general. I’m curious to see if they will have the resources to support Nextcloud.

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Very true. Ideally, once things have stabilized, adding the install script to both Softaculous and Installatron would be huge.

From there, getting it added to ‘one-click’ deployments, to the likes of:

  • Bitnami
  • Linode
  • DigitalOcean
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud Compute

…would be next!!


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Installatron does a poor job at upgrading ownCloud,

I haven’t read about why this is, but given the dev teams statements about ownCloud’s upgrade fragility, I can only imagine that things will be made easier for the auto-installers by Nextcloud’s stated goal of improving the resilience of its upgrade process.

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@Joe I have looked at running OC/NC on AWS, external storage provides the ability to store files in S3 but I think the whole data directory should be (Currently not supported out the box). Elastic Block Storage is incredibly expensive and isn’t really needed.

Actually, it’s got nothing to do with that :D. They can’t follow the upgrade manual and insist on unpacking the new files over the old ones, creating conflicts, especially with apps.
I imagine that they will have to change their ways with 9.1 because of the move to PSR-4.


As far as my original posting and questions, can anyone provide any feedback or recommendations?

Thank you.


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Greetings @LukasReschke,

I know you are slammed with working on 10000 items, getting ready for the NextCloud launch. However, whenever you find yourself with an extra minute or so, I would like to get your thoughts on the following feature that currently is NOT supported with ownCloud:

The ability to FTP/FTPS/SFTP DIRECTLY into the ownCloud Data Store. Then I would schedule the following cron tasks to update the file table on the WebUI:

occ files:scan --all

occ files:cleanup

This is a very important feature to many of us. That way, we can upload VERY LARGE files without the problems associated with Apache/PHP config and time-out errors.

Then once the files are uploaded, we can share out the files as normal.

Thank you!!!



Hello NextCloud Team,

Just thought I would check-in on this issue again to see if anyone has some insight or answers?



Exactly. If you can make a folder accessible by FTP, you can make it accessible via Nextcloud + External storage.


That to use the ftp to transfer the files is what I really looking for, but why you use the command to clean-up?

How I can create the cronjob to do that? (I’m very new about this )