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It means it´s a feature like this

Also for a faster handling in the structure.


I’d love to see tree view properly integrated.

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What think the core team about Tree?

It’s among the top 10 apps (and it was only supported in OC 7). At least, we should try to have a working version for current releases.


Any news on this? This would be really helpful to navigate the whole file structure, and could be perfect to move multiple files, which is not supported at the moment. You can drag multiple files to a child folder, but nowhere else as you cannot see any other folders. This could fix that issue.

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I haven’t seen any news about it, no announcement for v.12 either. @tflidd do you know if there was an issue raised for it by chance? If not (though I bet there is) we need to get one raised!

Well… I opened a issue on the Nextcloud Github ( some days ago, but it was targeted towards batch moving several files more than the folder tree. I suggested tough to have a tree folder structure view in the left sidebar to tackle that problem.

It probably needs someone who is willing to implement it. Perhaps the old app can be easily updated??

One year later, still no news on that ? How hard is it to port it ?
The old app can still be found here =>

Edit: i just discovered this video =>

It should not be a lot of work to allow the same thing for the All files entry of the left panel ?

It was written for ownCloud 7. You probably have to change a lot of things, it’s not just changing a version number.

I’m new to this community and to the NextCloud, but at the first glance this magnificent product needs an treeview of some sort, making navigation through the folder structure way more productive.
Hope this feature will become standard, or at least as an app with good integration
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