Gui - Files - move multiple files in version 28

I might have missed something here, but in version 25 I go into the web gui and mark multiple files. Then I can go on the top “line” and hit actions. Under this “menu” I can move or copy files to another directory.

In version 28 I do not se this menu when I select multiple files under the files section. I can stille hit the 3 dots and move singe files but not multiple.

Is this a bug ?
Is there a new feature that does this or do I need to add some app ?

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I just noticed this but had already posted my own topic complaining about the same thing. Those handful of buttons are not a proper replacement for the ellipses/3-dot menu that had options like “Move”, “Copy”, etc. I also noticed that the “shift click” to select an entire range of files doesn’t work any more either.

Exactly !
The “shift click” to select an entire range of files worked if you dont hit the picture but the little “button” on top of the picture in some browsers but not all.
But this is a stable release isnt it ?

While the menu itself is back (or there is at least a “copy or move” button) with NC 28.0.1, the “shift click” functionality is still missing.