Groupshares not included in local windows client sync?

The groupfolder when made available is by default not selected in the folders to be syncronized by local (windows) clients:

When I install the windows clients (latest one) then if I don’t select any change it will include (seems like it) my ‘temp’ directory what is a group folder.
however if you really look and click on the selective sync it will then suddenly show up that temp as GS is not selected.
Is this by design or a bug?

Can you open the logging window (F12), try again and see if there are errors?

Seems that syncing of Group Folders is currently not possible.
Seeing the same thing in my installation.


@tflidd I will try again if I see it happen again on a next client most of my clients now have it set manually and it seems it keeps it then; not sure why it does not take it out of the box during initial client install.
cheers, jeroen


i once noticed that groupfolders are regarded as external folders… don’t ask me why (and in a strange way it makes sense) - so pls uncheck the “vraag bevestiging voor synchronisatie vam externe opslag” for the moment and try it again…

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@Kay @tflidd @JK74 @JimmyKater

We’re encountering this issue as well on version 12.0.0. I’m trying to find information on fixes for Group Shares and the Sync Client as Group Sharing will be helpful for our clients. Have their been any updates that you all know of?

I’ve applied this fix, but to no avail: