"Groups" and "Address books" are confusing

I wonder why nobody has raised this issue before.

In my large set of contacts, I have created several address books which I conveniently share on various devices. So far so good.

When I am on the web interface, however, for some reason I cannot browse those address books. I cannot look into them. I cannot change their content. The only way to change their content, is to find the individual contacts, and change the address books within them.

Then, in the web interface, there are groups. Groups have nothing to do with address books.
They are useless for the purpose of sharing via webdav, but they are the only ones that can be browsed and used to organize content. YET- only on the web interface.

The way I see it, Groups should be Address books, Address books should be groups - who needs two ways to organize the same content?

At the very least, there should be a simple function to convert Address books to Groups of contacts, or viceversa, so that the user doesn’t have to do the same job of organizing twice.

Any thoughts?

I agree WebUI of Addressbook application is not ideal.

address book items are shown in the “settings” button and you can un-/select them one by one so only entries of the specific addressbook are shown:


Thank you for your answer, but this has nothing to do with my problem - my address books are fine, I don’t want to delete them, and how to delete them is obvious anyway.

My problem is with contact groups, and how inefficient it is to have them completely separate and disconnected from un-editable address books.

With the further inconvenience that – even assuming a user has doubled their efforts and re-organized their groups the same way as their address books – each time an address book is edited (removing or adding a contact) the same operation must be manually repeated with groups.

In one word: Absurd.

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Hi, i have the same Problem. i want to synch one address book with several lists inside, so i can send Emails to this lists from Thunderbird. But Address lists and groups seem not to be the same thing.

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