Groupfolder using "/" as part of the name - feature or bug?

I’m evaluating the possibilities of group folders and found out, that you can create a group folder using “/” in its name, which means, it will not be in the root of the group members, but inside another folder - but only, if the folder exists.

For example:

When the group folder will be named “group-stuff” - then the folder will be visible as “group-stuff” at the root folder of every user who is in the group.

But when the group folder will be named “shared/group-stuff” - then the folder will be inside “shared”. Of course “shared” has to be created as a user folder first by every group member.

Is this a bug or a feature? Because if this is considered a bug, then I don’t use it, since then this “feature” may just disappear one day. However - I find this quite useful to separate personal folders from group folders. At least there should be a setting to have a global “shared” folder name, which will be used to keep all group folders in their own folder and not replacing existing user folders.

I am interested to know aswell.
Also, it would be great to be able to still show the full path tree, but just empty directories until you browse the one where your group actually has privileges to view.

@awelzel the developer replied, it is a feature.