Group, how to not allow editing

how can I disable editing etc. at shared files/folders of a group?
I unchecked all “allow” options, but the shared folder with the testgroup can be still renamed by a user. Why?
Thank you.

Nextcloud 19.0.4
Operating System: Linux 4.4.0-193-generic x86_64
PHP: 7.3.22

thats the design of nc.

every share you get, you can rename.
addition to this you can also move every share wherever you want it. could be a alternative, but i would use it only if its really necessary.

Hi kinimodmeyer,
thats not true. Now found out, that even when there seems to be the option for a user to rename file /folder, its not possible. The user gets the message: “Could not rename “your folder””
Thanks :))

PS: (I didn’t use Group folders app now)

you are right in the rename read only case, its not working.
there is a open issue for this behavior: