Group folders - not compatible with my NC

I want to be able use the feature of group folders in NC.

From what I understand, it allows admin to assign a folder that will be shared by assigned users.

But, when I look up th eapp in NC, it says that it is only compatiblewith NC installations of 19 and older. Mine is newer that that.

How can I share folders and files with other user since group folders is not working?


Group Folders ist currently compatible with version ≤ 21. For version 22 a beta release is available.

Any user can share files and folders with any other user per default. This is a core feature of Nextcloud from the beginning and no additional configuration or apps are needed. The app Group Folders is specifically meant for an admin to create predefined folders that multiple users or groups of users can use together.

Hope that helps…

Well, I have v21, so this explains. When trying to install group folders, t has a warning stating only up to v19 is supported.

If I were to create a folder that I wanted to share. I create a group and place some people in there. I then share the folder with the group.

Where do the people see this shared folder? In their main directory? Instead the documents directory? Or where?


You have to distinguish between three things.

1. Folders and files that are created by default with each new user account:

These are example and template folders and files. They can be managed by each user separately. In the context of file sharing, these folders are handled the same as folders created by the users. Users can rename, move, delete, share and unshare these folders and files.

2. Folders or files, that users or admins share with other users or groups using the native “Share” function of Nextcloud:

As far as I know, they appear in the root folder of the the users with whom they were shared. But you can define a default name and location in the config.php of your Nextcloud installation. e.g. “Shared_with_you”.

'share_folder' => '/Shared_with_you',

Note: Users can move these folders and files arround within their folder structure as they please without affecting the folder structure of the user who shared it with them.

3. Folders that are created and managed using the “Group Folders” app:

These folders are managed by an administrator and will appear in the root directory of the respective users. They can then be used similar to predefined network shares in a Windows Active Directory enviroment. I believe it was also discussed whether this traditional “file sharing”-model should be implemented at all, because it is actually much less flexible than the native file sharing function of Nextcloud. But I guess it makes sense in larger organizations to have these perdefined folders.

Hope that helps…

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Thanks for this break down. It was kind of how I had itinmind, minus the “shared with you” part.

In the config file, does this exist yet?

Or, is this a new line of code to add to the config file?

I looked, and none was there.

If I need to add it, where in the file should it be added? I do not program, so I do not know the importance of order in the config file.

I’d prefer the group folder, so then we avoid the extra folder layer of “shared with you”. But, it is still a great solution.
I’ll be waiting for the update of group folder.


You can add it wherever you want except between an existing array. If you are unsure put it at the end of the file but before the ); The ); has always to stay at the very end of the file on it’s own line.

You don’t have to do add this line. Users will still be able to share files and folders between each other. But the files and folders shared with them will then apear in the root folder, which can get a bit messy if many files and folders are shared with a user…

For predefined shares the Group Folders app may or may not better suited for your needs. It depends on how you wanna manage the workflow of your users, how your organization is structured etc…

From the Nextcloud documentation:

‘share_folder’ => ‘/’,

Define a default folder for shared files and folders other than root.

Changes to this value will only have effect on new shares.

Defaults to /

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Just to make absolutely sure that there are no misunderstandings…

“Normal” file sharing or Group Folders is not an either-or decision. File sharing is a core feature of Nextcloud and it is enabled by default. Group Folders is an addition to implement a more traditional file sharing model in Nextcloud similar to network drives in a Windows environment. Both can and will work in parallel.

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Hello again

I added the line tothe end ofthe config file:
‘share_folder’ => ‘/Shared’,

The spacing was the same as all the other code.

, but before the:


I was expecting to see a “Shared” folder in my files area. But, there was not one.

Why might I not be able to see it? Does there have to be content in there for it to show up?



Yes, I think so. It should appear as soon as someone has shared something with you. It’s best to set up some test users so that you can test the collaboration features properly.