Group Folders issue: Renamed a folder to have a 1. 2. etc. at the front causes it to turn in to a file (all sub-content lost)

This is an issue, I will try for the third time to get help, explanation as follows:

This is occurring in folders that are sub-folders to the new Group Folders feature.

This occurs using web interface or local client:

  1. Create a folder, say Test
  2. Go in to folder and create a file called say test.txt
  3. Rename the folder called Test to 1. Test
  4. The folder now becomes a file and no amount of renaming it back to just Test etc. will recover the content, since nothing is actually deleted per se nothing is present in the Delete box

This is an issue…can anyone shed some light on it?

This may be related. To rename a group folder, you first need to remove all share permissions. After you rename it, go to the folder and check owner:group. When I tested this, it changes to root:root. chown -R www-data:www-data then had to rescan to get everything back.