Group Folders: How to empty trash / versions


I´ve found different threads for my topic, but haven´t found any documentation: how can I delete the trash and version of group folders?

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There are several known issues concerning trash and group folders like:

And many more:

This still seems to be a big construction site at the moment.

I have the problem, that a trashbin from one group folder is physically deleted (trashbin has been deleted manually on server file system level, I know, it was dumb)
occ groupfolders:scan does not scan the trashbin. I understand that scanning the trashbin for NEW files would be impossible, since they need the meta data from where they came from etc. but is there a way, to get those entries out of my mariadb database?
A scan mechanism that recognises the absence of files registered in trash, would that not be a good idea?
Who knows the mysql commands to do this job by hand or does there exist a how to somewhere out there?

Thanks a lot in advance for any answer :revolving_hearts:

edit 1:
I was able to almost completely reconstruct the physical trashbin with the logfiles, adding some empty files with the same name but two items are stil there. Unable to remove them out of my deleted files window. They where from earlier not complete uploaded and then deleted files. A clue how to remove those entries?

edit 2:
:white_check_mark: Solution
The zombie-entries disapear after a “Restore”. Only an error message in logfile “unable to rename, file does not exists … (path/to/trashbin/filename)” appears but it restores the file-entry in the webview. After it is restored, it is easy to remove that entry (without underlying file in the filesystem) by simply deleting it again or do an occ groupfolders:scan

we opened a bounty on this missing function.
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