Group folders gone after upgrade to Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.0)


Several weeks ago I upgraded my Nextcloud installation. After some adjustments I got the instance running again, but group folders are nowhere to be seen.


  • Group folders don’t appear in the files view.
  • The group folders administration settings page is empty, only a text box and the “Create” button is visible.
  • Trying to create a group folder from the group folders administration settings page results in a HTTP 500 error code (I couldn’t find the exact error in the server).

Some facts from the server:

  • occ works. I can list and create group folders with occ groupfolders:list and occ groupfolders:create test. Still, nothing can be seen in the files or administration pages.
  • The data seems to be healthy in data/__groupfolders.
  • The data at the database seems healthy too. The results of some manual queries to oc_group_folders* tables seem to be OK.
  • On user login I see the error log: Could not boot groupfolders: Class "OCA\GroupFolders\Mount\MountProvider" not found.
    • I’ve seen posts mentioning that this could be caused because the versions app is disabled, but in my case it is enabled.

Other issues:

  • This issue is causing some other issues on Android devices [1]

Any assistance will be appreciated. Thank you in advance,


[1] NPE when sharing files from another app to Nextcloud · Issue #11496 · nextcloud/android · GitHub

Hey, that error would be good to know. You should see something in your error.log.

Can you please check which version of group folders you have installed and if it’s indeed active? Something like occ app:list for example. Also would make sense to post it here, maybe someone has an idea.

Same issue for me!
After upgrade to NC26, I had to remove the Groupfolders app completely… after reinstalling, groupfolders appeared again and also the admin settings were working again.

Some are also reporting that restarting PHP was needed: Groupfolder 14.0.0 does not work after update to NC · Issue #2302 · nextcloud/groupfolders · GitHub Maybe you can try that before removing something

Hello @SysKeeper , @XueSheng-NC !

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Well… this was unexpected: I shut down the server to backup its data before going into more risky operations, and when I started it up again group folders were right back at their original locations…

I’m quite sure I restarted the server during my tests after the upgrade (and before posting here…) Maybe some libraries got updated in between?

Again, thank you for your time and kind regards,


Glad you got it working again :slight_smile:

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