Group folder quota for different users


is it possible to add different users to nextcloud, which share the same quota? For example 10 users have the same group quota without having an own quota.

Has anyone a workaround?


There are no group quotas yet and the issue is not trivial (how to deal with users being part of several groups). A way to cleanly separate the groups would be to set up a Nextcloud for each group and then use system quotas to limit the storage. Users can share data between different NC setups (server-2-server-sharing). Unfortunately you need to maintain several Nextclouds.

Another solution could be the use of external storage and that you need the external storage to manage the quota.

Thanks. How about using the app group folders and assign a group a shared folder? A single user get a few mb space and has assigned a group folder with a specific quota and all users, which should use this group folder also are within this group.

Right, honestly I haven’t used it so far and there a few bugs which should be fixed soon. If you just need a large group space, this is probably the easiest solution. But you can’t give a group a specified total amount of individual space.