Group folder in subfolder of root

When I create a Group Folder in the Settings/Administration/Group Folder page, it appears in the root of the file view. Can’t I create group folders in some subdirectory?


you are able to create group folders as subfolders of other group folders.

For example, you could create a group folder named “Group folders” and then a subfolder named “Group 1” like this:

Create group folder “Group folders”
Create group folder “Group folders/Group 1” -> name needs to contain the name of the top folder and the slash “/”.

As for permissions, I recommend not allowing any write, share or delete permissions on the top level folder by removing the checkmarks once the groups have been added. Then you can allow access to the sub folders as needed…

Hope that answers your question.


Kind of. I had hoped I could create group folders inside normal folders. Anyway, thank you!

Thank you for accepting my answer as solution.

I belive that could be difficult since group folders are available to multiple users. There is no guarantee that every user would have the “sub”-folder you are planning on using.


Thank you many times and a lot of kudos @CPichler for this solution -
I was looking for this quite a looong time … so happy now :blush:

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thanks a lot for the nice words!
Happy to help!

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It’s only difficult for Nextcloud ‘developers’.