Group folder can't associate to admin group

Hi everyone,

I had a problem with my group folders configuration : when I create un group folder i can’t find the admin group to give privileges (share, write, delete) but the admin group is seen when I add a new user. The admin group is a group create with LDAP.

I have the same problem.
In group folders I can’t add “admin” but I can add users to “admin” group.

I have the same problem.
NC 25.0.3
Group folders 13.1.1

There is an issue. Interesting post in the issue.


		`const groups = => g.gid !== 'admin')`

I do not know the reason. But it seems that they want to exclude the group admin from groupfolders. Whether this makes sense, I do not know. Maybe just create an additional group and use that.

Hello devnull,

Thank you very much for the quick tip.
The reason is clear. The solution with another group would also work. I’ll wait a little longer to see whether the developers really intend to exclude the admin group here.

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You can also use this command also seen in the above issue:
occ groupfolders:group YourFolderId admin

Thanks again!