"Group Administrators" cannot create groups?

Hi there,

I’m on Nextcloud 28, and looking through the documentation, it states, “Nextcloud has two types of administrators: Super Administrators and Group Administrators.”

I have an instance where I would like some users to have a higher privilege level, and do certain admin tasks, but not be Super Administrators, so I have set some specific users to be Group Administrators, like so:

I’ve also set it so users in the “Nextcloud Managers” group should be able to do other admin things, too:

“Nextcloud Managers” users cannot seem to create groups however:

Whenever one tries, they get the error: “Failed to create group. An error occurred during the request. Unable to proceed. Logged in user must be an admin.”

Is this a config setting problem, or possibly a bug?

How does one allow “Group Administrators” the ability to create groups?