Group Admin - some issues / problems / bugs

Nextcloud version : 28.0.2
Operating system and version : Debian 12
Apache or nginx version : 2.4.57
PHP version : 8.2-fpm

    If a user was disabled the group admin can’t see this user anymore. You can see that 1 user is disabled, but the list is empty (“No user”). So you never ever can reactivate this users and have to cry for super admin. Maybe a user misstyped his passwort three times → disabled. He asks his group admin, but he can’t resolve, has to cry for the super admin and wait until he did (group admins) job and the disabled user is blaming the group admin …

Interesting: the disabled user isn’t anymore in the group admins group. But if you have a look at the user as a super admin, this user still is a member of the regarding group. So the group admin really should see him and be able to reactivate.

    As a group admin you can’t add existing users to your group. In my opinion one of the most important options of a group admin. But you have to ask the super admin to put the users as a member of your group. Really not very “comfortable”.

    As a group admin you can see the optin “Add new Group”. But if you try to create a new group → it ends in an error that you need administrative rights to create new groups. Senseless to show this option if it is impossible. Just ends in blaming the super admin why it is impossible.

    Beside the problem that a group admin can’t add existing users to his group and has to ask the super admin to do this for him - it is a mess.

For example: a new group with 250 members, the super admin has to →
a. Group admin has to create the list with the 250 wanted users and send it to super admin
b. Super admin has to create the new group
b. Super admin has to edit all the choosen 250 users one by one, manually (maybe out of 1.000) and add the group to the users!
It is impossible to add users to a group by choosing the wanted users in the group. Vice versa: you have to add the group to every single user.

This way the position of a group administrator is nearly senseless because he has to blame the super admin everytime for most of the jobs.

    Nice that you can give several users / groups some administrative options (even some really not important options like AI in my opinion).

But there should really be the possibillity to give special users / groups administrative rights to the User Management! With this option all the other problems / bugs above could be solved. Why doesn’t exist this option? Really would make sense!

Sorry, but as a “Groupware” the user management really should work in a better way. To have group admins is necessary. But group admins being unable to do their jobs because they don’t have the rights and most of their jobs have to be done by the super admin :frowning:

Thanks for any answer or tip / hint to solve this problem.

Relevant issues to upvote to assist with prioritization if they impact you:

Yes, i already have seen and comented. But unfortunately I think it will not change anything. Some points existing since 2017 and nobody cares, nothing changed. Ah, yes, one change: an additional bug that group user cant reactivate disabled users anymore. One reason more to borrow the super admin with group admins jobs :frowning:

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