Greeting-Mail as you like

There are some questions in the support forum about how to change the greeting email. The answer: not, or with a purchased app.

I have a suggestion as to how to change this without changing a file in the installation that would be overwritten with the next update.

There is one item that I can change: the skeleton, the folders, files and messages that are written to the area of ​​newly created users. For this there is the variable ‘skeltondirectory’ in the config.php, which points to a folder outside the installation. Ideally into the administrator’s folder, so that he can edit this folder directly.

Why not introduce a variable called ‘greetingmaildirectory’ that does the same for the greeting email. The folder could contain an “html” file with

Example text

This page could be edited as desired and is then used as the body for the greeting email.


I think customized welcome mail is a good idea.

The topic is outside of this forum scope - I would recommend you file a Github issue at Issues · nextcloud/server · GitHub



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