Great peace of software both ownCloud and now Nextcloud, would be great to be able to donate!


I have been using ownlcoud in a company long time ago, and justo a few days ago I decided to move my home owncloud installation to Nextcloud 11 (just for doing it). I heard Nextcloud is going in a different direction than ownCloud. Nextcloud more linux like opensourced.

So, the only way to give something back is buying licences? or can one donate like in mint or ubuntu distros?


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Of course you can donate…
…have a look here:


I would like to have also something different.

Bountysource is great to fund some extra feature but:

  1. funds go directly to the developer
  2. We have to be honest: the sums are usually really small. I seem to recap that the same @jospoortvliet stated that they are good to “pay a coffee” for the person that develops the feature. Especially considering that some features requests translate in a lot of work

It could be a good idea to provide the possibility to donate small amounts to Nextcloud directly.
Either with “no strings attached” or by purchasing something (e.g.: T-shirts ), if economically viable

While that is nice, it won’t have any noticeable impact on the business… Realistically, a single developer cost a company at least in the area of 100K/year (with taxes healthcare etc), an amount I never expect to be raised in donations and that’s just ONE person. So we do want to set something up but it is low priority.


Thank you very much for the answer!

I will try to help in other ways (

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@Sebadamus, you could mark the answer of @jospoortvliet as the solution…

Done! sorry :-x

Often there are Paypal donation buttons in the README file of each repo. One example is the Nextcloud VM:

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As an individual user of Nextcloud, I would like to do a regular monthly donation.
Could you provide an IBAN for a wire transfer?

I took note of bountysource, etc solutions
but I don’t have/want a paypal/mastercard, etc account.