Great features in Context Chat

Context Chat, in short, is the ability for the Assistant to answer questions about your data. You can ask the Assistant questions about a document you have: Say, you have a PDF with the manual of your new digital watch… you’ll be able to ask the Assistant how to set it up, or how to replace the battery. And if your company has a nicely documented reimbursement process in its documentation in Collectives , you can ask the Assistant questions about this process. This is an absolutely amazing ability!

It is not just limited to your files either: we developed an API so apps like Mail, Calendar, Talk and Deck can make their data available too. You’ll then be able to ask “When do I have my next meeting with my boss?” (from the Calendar) and “What tasks did she ask me to work on as high priority this week?” (from Mail). Or “Give me a summary of the status of project X.” (Deck + chat perhaps?)

Ok great !!
But where to find a step-by-step guide how to get this installed & working🤔

Maybe there also should be a new Category in the forum for Context Chat, where interested ones can huddle together.
What do you think?

All AI apps are documented in the admin documentation: App: Context Chat — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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I created an Assistant category in Features & Apps