GpxPod listing all folders with image files (not only folders with GPX files) after upgrade to NextCloud 14

Hi all,

After upgrade to NextCloud 14, GpxPod started to show a list of all folders with images in the folder list. Before, it only showed folders with GPX files in them and it was very practical, but now it is showing all the folders that contain some image (which in my case are thousands, and it is painful to find the ones with GPX files and even the page needs a long time to load). The app still works, but it was much better before… Was this change intentional, a bug, or does it only happen to me? Maybe the developper, @eneiluj, can answer this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. It was intentional. I’ll add an option to avoid showing folders with pictures only. You’re right it’s not convenient to see all picture folders. Moreover we don’t know if there is at least one geotagged pictures in each folder.

Could you create an issue on the Gitlab project issue manager ?

Ow i didn’t notice you already had created an issue.