Google synchronisation

ref1: GitHub - MarcelRobitaille/nextcloud_google_synchronization: 🇬 Google integration into Nextcloud
ref2: Sync / Share Google Calendar & Nextcloud Calendar
ref3: Error synchronizing Google Calendar with NC Calendar => same issue as ref1


I am running nextcloud 26.0.8 successfully for a while now. The setup runs in my local LAN with no SSL and no external dns. This is the way I like it. My smartphone is always running a VPN connection back home, so I can access my data anywhere.

I have the same problem as in ref2: a cohabitant who still uses google calendar. The solution (only import) in ref2 works fine, but does not allow interaction.

The problem with the solution in ref1 is that I don’t want to “expose” my server to the internet (port fwd, dyndns and ssl). OAuth does not allow it.

Does any one have a good solution for this issue? I tried googling it, but the search gets mixed up in general issues and does not provide me an answer for this specific problem (google calendar sync on a server with no internet exposure)

Can someone point me in the right direction? (caldav solution on a separate external server?)



Same here, also on 26.0.8. Manual import is working fine. But when I try to setup an automatic sync by pressing the “sync calendar” button I get the “failed to register background job” message poining out that there is no javascript.