Google photos migration and file organization

Hi all,

I setup and run the google migrate app, and all went well importing contacts, calendar AND photos.

So I (the nc plugin) imported almost 12k photos from my google dir in a dedicated folder, without metadata but with correct creation date.

Now I’d like to have them all organized like the import in NC (folder and subfolders based on year and month), but I don’t know how to achieve it.

Is there an app, a script, something that would read all the photo from the dedicated folder and put them in correct folder like year/month?

Many thanks in advance, Nicola


If I were you, I would sync my computer folder with my NC instance (Nextcloud desktop or webdav).
Then I would use python or bash to organize my photos.
I believe it would be very simple and do not need a lot of experience to do it in python since there is a lot of common libraries for this language and the code would be straightforward.

I moved all gphotos away from nc folder, and I’m (re)organizing using the command issued in this message:

It’s a long way (and somehow tedious) but it’s working :smiley:
Then I’ll upload them into correct nc folder…