Google non-integration [SOLVED]

Hi folks,

I’ve just followed the steps to enable google integration - and it failed.

I only found one reference to a similar problem online, with no resolution.

Is it supposed to work?

I followed the instructions NC gave on setting it up, and I “linked” my account with google.

From others screenshots, I understand options to import my data should now appear below.

They dont.

No log messages.

No clue what to do with it now.

If anyone else is reading this…

At least in my case, this turned out to be the last step in authorising my google account - all the checkboxes defaulted to unchecked, and the crap LCD I’m using made them close to invisible.

Dont miss that step or you’ll have to remove the account and re add it.

If any devs are reading - perhaps it’d be a good idea for there to be… literally anything on screen warning you that there is nothing to see?

Would have saved me a good hour today.

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