Google integration problem

Hi, I’ve managed to install and setup the Google integration with CllientID and secret as admin. When login as a normal user the integrations works for the Calender and Contacts, but when trying to import Files and Photos the process stalls and no background process is started. The messages says;

Your Google Drive (1 GiB)
0 files imported (0%)
Google Drive background import process will begin soon. You can close this page. You will be notified when it finishes

But nothing is happening after logging in 24 or 48 hours later. Seems Like the background process is never started. How can I configure Nextcloud to start importing Files and Photos from Google Drive?

after you activily refuse to give out ANY valid information about your perhaps problematic device/server I think you’re up on yourself to find possible solutions… try these

or use forum-built-in searchfunction

Well, refuse is a strong word. But maybe forgot to tell I am trying to install Nextcloud version 28.xx on Ubuntu server 22.04 . Thanks for the links will go though them and see if I find an answer.

ummm… do we really want to discuss how strong words are?

as a matter of fact you didn’t give out any real information on here. Where it’s clear that nobody knows how you wanted to install your server.
Even mentioning NC28.x and Ubuntu 22.04 isn’t really much information. It’s not enough for sure.

Plus: G00gle apparently doesn’t really want to give away the data you have stored there and comes up with new obstacles every now and then to make it more difficult for users to gain their own data back from this group of data-robbers. I can remember that I’ve heard/read they want to completely cancel connections to 3rd party-services from a certain date on (but I forgot which date exactly as it’s not important nor relevant to me)
So it really is key to get to know which versions of this nc-app (google migration) you run, etc.

As you say that the job never started it might be helpful to give us some log.entries… I’d suggest to look into nextcloud.log as well as into the logfile of cron… to see if there is more information about why cron didn’t start/run… etc.

With a bit of thinking you would be able to come up with the same results (and more) as me.

I mean even if you’d have your car at yearly service you don’t just tell them “hey I can’t get my fuel from G-fuel though they fill my tires with air for free”… well maybe you do tell them so but they can gain more informations by using the machine-logfiles… using a special cable. And referring to your situation we are stuck at the level of the special cable… which is YOU. We can’t connect to your blackbox/error-storage. :wink: