Google has blocked access to cloudamo app

Hi. I’ve just started to try to use NextCloud on a free plan and wanted to keep things simple and not use my own server, but use cloudamo for my cloud storage. I’m going through the Windows 10 app installer and I’m in the settings to migrate my Google data into Cloudamo, but I get a message saying “This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access.” Can someone please help me get Google to unblock Cloudamo? Thanks.

What is the “cloudamo app” ? Please post the way you want to migrate the data.


I have downloaded Nextcloud for Windows 10 and gone through the setup wizard. During this process I can “create an account with a Provider” (instead of hosting a server myself). Yesterday I tried using Cloudamo as my Provider. Today I’ve tried using Tab.Digital as my Nextcloud provider. When I tried to migrate my Google info into Tab.Digital I got the attached error.

Google Migration attempt using Nextcloud provider Tab.Digital

Google Authorisation Error

Looks like you are using this app Google integration - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud, so please visit official documentation page, seems you need to configure it before to use GitHub - nextcloud/integration_google: 🇬 Google integration into Nextcloud