Google Forms like survey?


I am looking for a Google Forms like feature where a simple spreadsheet is converted into a fillable form for a survey that can be shared via a link.



How could this be achieved?

I would like to use this with my simple webspace.

Thanks in advance and regards.

Hi @dacoex,

You may want to have a look into the Nextcloud Polls-app ( A full-featured forms-app is not available at the moment, and is not in development.

Maybe you know somebody - or you want to develop this app yourself :muscle:


Can be done with Ethercalc (see Ownpad integration app). I doubt that will work on a “simple” webspace though.

Otherwise, looked into Limesurvey?

Yes, this is what I thought of as alternative.
It will be hosted outside the Nextcloud installation.

Since it focuses on “real” surveys, it does not transform tables directly into forms.

I noted that it only allows binary (Yes/No) type of responses.
The only feature I am missing is that cannot responders add own text, answer open questions or multiple choices:

Where do you want to go tomorrow?

I think they are already working on it. We're Making a Forms app

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There is new app in app store

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Thanks for letting me know! Really appreciate it.